"In my practice over the past twenty years, I have noticed that the Pilates program of postural rehabilitation stands out as being capable of retarding the effects of aging; restoring movement and flexibility in patients who have experience traumas in occupational, sports or motor vehicle accidents."
"I highly recommend Liam's work as a certified trainer in the Pilates Method as an effective agent for change. His experience of over ten years in Vancouver with members of the dance community and with people who are just "trying to get in shape" has produced effective results that I have seen time and again in my practice."
Eric Posen. D.C. N.D. Doctor of Chiropractic & Naturopathic Physician
"I have a condition that inclines me to repetitive strain injuries. I tried to strengthen in rehab gyms, but I still got re-injured. Liam and his staff, however, offer a way of working my body in graduated steps and through a variety of movements and exercises. I can do it! The expertise in working with injured bodies is something I haven’t found elsewhere to this degree. I’m grateful and delighted."
Frances Dodsworth, Counsellor
"Pilates has allowed me to improve my conditioning without the negative impact of running. As well, it has provided an avenue for regaining my strength after a bout with chemotherapy. Liam, has worked with me to provide a helpful, fun place to keep my body moving. I recommend Pilates to all persons age 9 to 90."
Peter Spillette, Victoria Merchant
"Since adding Pilates to my regular program, I have seen a dramatic improvement in my performance on the water. Pilates has strengthened my core, improved my body awareness, lengthened my muscles and in turn made them more efficient, improved my flexibility, strengthened areas on my body that were weak and reduced the probability of getting injured."
Marilyn Taylor 2003 Pan Am Gold Medalist Double Sculls, Rowing
“Excellent form of exercise for strength, flexibility, and conditioning.
Energizing and meditative too! Wish I could do it everyday.”
Sue Edwards, Physician